Thursday, December 20, 2012

iPads in the EC Classroom

Good Morning All.

         As I sit here and reminisce about the semester gone by, I can't help but reflect upon all of the things that have been made possible because of iPads.  The students really enjoy the hands-on one-on-one aspect of learning that they provide.  The best app at our school is probably Splashtop because it allows students to interact with computer activities that are done in the classroom.  I have two students in my class that are not physically able to access the board for interactive whiteboard activities.  They are now able to participate by using the iPad and the Splashtop app.  It gives them a voice.

            One of the best apps on the iPad for me as a teacher is FREE.  The camera app that comes on the iPad enables us to take on the spot pictures and video of the kids in action.  We can then use those pictures for whatever we need to.  One of the main reasons we do this is to go along with our data collection.  We can get a snapshot of what the kids are able to do at that time.  The kids also enjoy seeing their pictures on the iPad.  

Jeremy Ross
EC Teacher
Conover School

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