Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Use One Ipad in the Classroom

Many teachers have enjoyed having an ipad of their own to use. It is a great tool for teachers, but these tools can be used to enrich the classroom experience.

How can I possibly use just one ipad in the classroom?

One great way to use ipads in the classroom is to use them in small groups. Here are somethings that can be done in small groups with an ipad.

QR Codes
North Carolina QR Codes
You can create your own QR Codes at You can create your own text or math story problems for students to solve. You can have your students scan a QR codes so that they can go to a website that you would like them to work on or research. You can copy the codes and place them on a worksheet for station work.

iMovie App
Cost: $4.99

IMovie is another great tool that can be used in the classroom. You allow students to create their own imovie trailor for a book that they recently read to encourage others to also read the book. The students can also be assigned a project showing their knowledge of the content through creating a trailor or movie using this app. As a teacher, you can create a trailor to get students excited about a upcoming project that they will be learning about.

Tools for Students App
Cost: $0.99

This app is a great help in reading instruction. It has many graphic organizers that can be used to help students practice reading skills. Some of the graphic organizers include: Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Character Traits, Drawing Conclusions, KWL, Fact and Opinion, Making Predictions, Problem/Climax, Solution, etc. This can also be used during small guided reading groups. The students are able to type in the graphic organizer and then it can be emailed to the teacher. Teachers can also use this in a whole group setting and allow the whole class to share and add the the graphic organizer.

Make Dice Lite App

On each dice the teacher can create tasks for their students to complete. The students can shake the dice and whatever it lands on will be the task that they will have to complete while in their workstation. They can also use this while playing a math game to determine what number they will have to divide by, etc.

Real World Math

With our new Common Core Curriculum, we must teacher our students math that they can see in the real world. With that being said, our students need to be able to find the information they need through internet reasearching using the ipad. This is a great activity that can be used in a small group. Our students are planning to attend a field trip at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. I created real world math problem solving that ties with our curriculum. There are multi-steps and mult-processes that the students will have to use as they research staying at the inn, food prices, adult ticket prices, etc. They can also share what they learned through imovie, educreations, or their classroom blog.

Problem Solving Biltmore

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