Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kids + iPads = Happy Day!

On Thursday, November 17th, the iPad carts were delivered to our pilot classrooms. Because of the great deal of teaching and preparation that had already taken place in Ms. Simpson's 5th grade classroom, she and her students were ready to rock-and-roll on day 1. On the first two days with iPads in their classroom, the 5th graders did the following tasks with their iPads:

  • word study
  • algebra - solving for X based on clues
  • science - reading an online fact sheet on groundwater, responding to questions, and highlighting answers in the text
  • posted on Edmodo

On day 1, a group of 62 men and women from local businesses toured the school and visited Ms. Simpson's classroom. I was so proud to see her students engaged with the iPads from the moment they took them out of the cart and to see the looks on our visitors' faces. What a great day!