Sunday, October 14, 2012

QR Codes - More Ideas!!

This past Thursday, our district held our first ever Digital Days!!  This day was used for technology training for our district.  The district technology team and other tech savy staff members in our district provided the trainings.

I provided a training on "Coding Your Classroom Using QR Codes".  I wanted to share a few of the products that were developed during our training.

In my earlier post, I shared suggestions for a second grade classroom.  The following ideas are geared toward a Kindergarten class.

This teacher decided to create a Shape Scavenger Hunt.  Students will scan the first clue.  After they hear the voice activated clue, they will search around the room for an object that matches the clue. Once they find the object, they will find the next clue.

 Students will carry around the following worksheet and draw pictures or write the name of the object they found that matched the clue.
Thanks Julianne Surratte!!

The same teacher also created a "Can You Name That Shape?" worksheet.  Students will scan the clue. After they hear the voice activated clue, they will write or draw a picture for their answer.  Students will then cut out a picture from a magazine that matches the shape.

Thanks Julianne Surratte!!

This teacher created voice activated vocabulary cards.
Thanks Caitlin Jones!!

What a fun way to engage students in math and reading!! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Code Your Class with QR Codes

Earlier in the year I created a Scavenger Hunt for our Open House.  It was a HUGE hit in our classroom.  My kids keep asking me when they will get to scan again, so I have been working on a few new ways to integrate the QR codes into our classroom as well as looking through a few things my team created last year.


Math always seems to be the first subject I think of when using QR codes.  The codes can reveal the problems or the answers, so it is a logical place to start.

One of the activities we used last year was placed in a math station for problem-solving (2.OA.1).  Last year was our first year implementing the Common Core Standards, so we wanted to come up with a fun way for our students to practice explaining answers.

  • The students began the station by reading the problem.  They were able to work with the people in the group as they worked through the problem, but they were expected to show their work and explain their thinking on the worksheet.  
  • After working out the problem, each student scanned the QR code and compared the correct answer with the their answer and made corrections if needed.

This station ensured that each student got automatic feedback as they completed each problem.

Math Station Sheet

Example Answer from QR Code

We also created a Measurement Hunt QR Scan Activity which also includes activities that are aligned with Common Core Standards (2.MD.3 and 2.MD.4)  .

We used this activity during guided math group.  
  • We passed out the supplies (pipe cleaner, post-it note, paper, and index cards) and helped each group as needed.  
  • Once they measured the object and put the measurement in the empty box, they scanned the QR code.  The QR code gave them directions for changing the object (cut, fold, etc.).  
  • Once the object was cut, folded, etc., the students measured the object again and wrote down the new measurement.  
  • We then found the difference in length between the object at the beginning and at the end of the activity.  
This was a great way for our students to practice measuring and finding the differences between two measurements.  


This year I am trying to use the QR codes in more areas of my instruction and I found the PERFECT place!!

I use guided reading groups for my reading instruction.  I figure out the words they know (word recognition and meaning) as I complete a DRTA (Direct Reading/Thinking Activity - I can always give more information about DRTA's in a later post).   Vocabulary and word recognition are so important to growth in reading, so I wanted to come up with a fun way for my students to practice and learn new words (meaning and/or recognition), so I decided to use QR Codes . . . of course!! :)
Vocabulary Cards
Word Recognition Cards

  • I created a vocabulary template on Microsoft Publisher.  I typed the words on the left and then I left space for the QR codes on the right.  I used QR Voice to create the QR codes.  

  • My students that need support around word recognition use the cards during reading stations.  They read the word and then they scan the QR code to listen to the word.  

  • My students that need support around word meaning also use the cards during reading stations.  They read the word and they give the definition of the word to a partner.  They check their understanding by scanning the QR code.

My students LOVE practicing their words or studying vocabulary words . . . wouldn't you?!!


Now for the latest and greatest!  Well, at least I hope the kids think so!!

My students get a game board at the beginning of each month.  

Game Board

If my students stay on green (great behavior), they get a stamp on their game board at the end of the day.  Stick with me!!  I promise I am getting to the QR codes!!  

In the past I have given a soda or let them choose an item out of the treasure box if they make it to the end of the game board (earned a stamp every day).  Well, this year I am going to jazz things up a bit.  Here is what I am thinking. . . if a student makes it to the end of his/her game board, he/she can pick a prize out of the prize box or he/she can choose to scan QR code and earn the prize that is revealed!  So much fun!!  I am implementing these codes this month.  I can't wait to see my kids' faces when they see the different prizes that are revealed!!  Hopefully they won't be disappointed because none of the rewards are store bought!!  Check the rewards out by scanning the QR codes below!!

Here are a few of the reward codes that will be up in my room.  

I hope you enjoy "Coding" your class as much as I do!! :)

After providing training on QR codes at a district level, I wrote another post sharing ideas from the training.  Click here to check out the post.

My next adventure is to use QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator!!