Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Skitching" in the Kindergarten Classroom

When you walk into Room 5 at South Newton Elementary School, you will see 5 & 6 year olds taking their learning to the next level with Skitch. Skitch is a FREE app created by Evernote. This app is very user friendly. My kindergarten students picked up the basics in a matter of days.

How we use Skitch in the classroom:

When learning to use Skitch, we labeled our friends in the classroom. This was a fun activity that taught students the basics of the app. 

*DISCLAIMER: The spelling you see is incorrect. My kinders are learning to spell through inventive spelling! "We rit the sownds we her n wrds" :)

Skitch during Daily 5:

During Guided Reading, Read to Self, and/or Read to Someone students take pictures of the books they are reading with their ipads. They then use Skitch to label characters in the book, highlight sight words they are studying, and label other important parts of their stories. 
  • Word Work
When using Skitch during word work, students are able to write their sight words on basically anything they can take a picture of. Some students will take pictures of our word wall and trace over sight words, other students will take pictures of the white board & write their words on it. However, the MOST popular word work activity is writing on their dear teacher's face. 

Skitch During Math
During Math, we use the program Math Expressions. This is a fabulous program that allows for students to delve deep into number concepts. In kindergarten, this program involves a lot of "Going Further and Homework & Remembering Worksheets" To save copies & trees, we often snap a picture of the daily worksheet on the ipads and complete the worksheet using Skitch during math centers. During a whole group lesson, students will take a picture of the manipulatives they use and label them during a math center. 

Skitch During Science & Social Studies
For every science experiment we do or social studies article we read, there is always a Skitch involved. In Science, we label various science experiments and science read alouds. The student's favorite thing to do is go outside and label the world around them. 

How have you used Skitch in your classroom?

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  1. Great article- loved the writing on teacher's face idea!