Sunday, October 14, 2012

QR Codes - More Ideas!!

This past Thursday, our district held our first ever Digital Days!!  This day was used for technology training for our district.  The district technology team and other tech savy staff members in our district provided the trainings.

I provided a training on "Coding Your Classroom Using QR Codes".  I wanted to share a few of the products that were developed during our training.

In my earlier post, I shared suggestions for a second grade classroom.  The following ideas are geared toward a Kindergarten class.

This teacher decided to create a Shape Scavenger Hunt.  Students will scan the first clue.  After they hear the voice activated clue, they will search around the room for an object that matches the clue. Once they find the object, they will find the next clue.

 Students will carry around the following worksheet and draw pictures or write the name of the object they found that matched the clue.
Thanks Julianne Surratte!!

The same teacher also created a "Can You Name That Shape?" worksheet.  Students will scan the clue. After they hear the voice activated clue, they will write or draw a picture for their answer.  Students will then cut out a picture from a magazine that matches the shape.

Thanks Julianne Surratte!!

This teacher created voice activated vocabulary cards.
Thanks Caitlin Jones!!

What a fun way to engage students in math and reading!! :)


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  2. This is amazing. I teach first grade and would love to use these! Are you selling the worksheets somewhere or are they in a Google Doc that I can download somewhere? Thank you!

  3. I love your blog! I wish the posts were labeled and there was a label widget on the sidebar so it was easy to find things faster.