Sunday, August 26, 2012

Modified Flipped Classroom in 2nd Grade

Flipped Classroom in 2nd grade!!  I know . . . it sounds ridiculous, but I'm giving it a go.  Here is my plan:

I teach math with guided math groups.  While I am teaching one group, I will choose a team leader for my higher group.  This leader will run the Nearpod presentation for that day.  They will move through the presentation as everyone works through each slide.  This is how they will learn the standard for that day.  The presentations will include slides, videos of me teaching the standard, and quizes.

The team leader will be responsible for sharing quiz scores and giving feedback at the end of the session.  He/she will look on a checklist and will provide feedback for two people that have not been chosen.  The team leader will be responsible for providing one positive and one area they can work on based on the results of the presentation.  My students already know how the Nearpod presentations work, so I will use a few days to teach them how to run the presentation.  I will review the presentation's results, and I will use these results to guide my instruction for the next day.

Here is an example of some of the slides that the students will see for the first lesson:

These slides were created in Microsoft Publisher, and then I snipped the document and saved them as pictures.

The slide above is a video from Show Me.  I recorded the video on my iPad.  Then, I went to on my computer and downloaded the video.  I then inserted the video to my Nearpod presentation.

The first slide above is part of a quiz.  After they take the quiz, I (or the student leader) can share their results.  Every student is getting automatic feedback.

This is what the results look like from my iPad as I (or the student leader) run the presentation.  I can see everyone's results at once.

Here is one of the videos I uploaded to the presentation.  

I will begin teaching this group how to be a team leader this week, so it is going to be another week or so before I get this up and running, but I will let everyone know how it goes!!  Wish us luck!

**Unfortunately, I am only a Silver Member of Nearpod, so I don't have a way to save my presentations.  Our school is looking into getting a school account.  Then, I will be able to share my presentations with other Nearpod Gold Members.  If not, I have an AWESOME parent who volunteered to purchase a Gold membership for me!!  I know, I know. . . I am one lucky girl! :)

Flipped Classroom in 2nd grade . . . total SUCCESS!!  The kids LOVED it!  I wish I would have recorded their faces as they were working through the presentations.  Their smiles were priceless!!

1. Instead of having the student leader give feedback, I am going to have the group come together and discuss what they learned.  They will have questions to guide them.  Hopefully this will help them learn from each other as much as they learned from the presentation.

2. Once they exit out of the Nearpod Student app, their work goes away on the teacher presentation.  They can log back in and their work will reappear, but that makes it difficult for me to look through the presentations at the end of the day.  Even though I can get a report of correct answers, I like to see exactly what they wrote on the "Draw It' slides.  As soon as they meet with me, I will look through the presentation with them as a quick review and to set the stage for what we will discuss. 

3.  They didn't need very much guidance on how to run the presentations.  I showed them all one time and they took off with it!

After a week of using the modified flipped classroom during my math groups, ALL the students in this group passed the Common Core assessment at the end of the week!  Not only did they pass, but they were able to show knowledge of the standards on a third grade level!!  So proud of them!!


  1. Angie - You are modeling excellent integration of technology and maximizing the technology you have access as well as your instructional time. Your student teacher told me about your flipped classroom instruction in class last week, and I am so excited to hear that this model is working well for you and your students! I know your students absolutely love being in your classroom! Thanks for sharing this great blog post and reflecting on your experiences. I can't wait until I supervise your student teacher in the spring so I can spend some time in your classroom. :)

  2. Angie,
    (i'm one of nearpod's co-founders)
    congratulations and thanks for using our product in such a creative way... You cannot imagine how happy we are as developers to see our own product being used in classrooms all over the world in such creative ways. Reading things like what you wrote here is incredibly rewarding:
    "After a week of using the modified flipped classroom during my math groups, ALL the students in this group passed the Common Core assessment at the end of the week!"

    A few clarifications regarding our free versus paid accounts.

    a) Saving presentations. Our Free account (Silver) allows all users to save up to 10 self-created Nearpod Presentations (NPPs). Users are welcome to delete old presentations and keep adding new ones. Also, the free version allows for hosting sessions of up to 30 students. In practice, this means that if a teacher with a set of iPads or iPods cannot afford (or simply does not want to) to pay for a Nearpod Account, they can still use it in every class to engage and asess their students. We are very happen with these users and we can assure you that we will keep adding more features to the free version. And remember that the presentations that you download from the store (currently all of them are free content) do not count towards the 10 NPP limit.

    b) Sharing presentations. True, the feature of sharing NPPs is available only for our paid accounts (gold or school editions). However, once you hold a paid account you can share those presentations w/ANY user (even Silver). There are many other exclusive features for our freemium accounts, please feel free to check the details here

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Congratulations for this great work and the outstanding results you're getting.


    - Guido
    tw: @guidonearpod

  3. Angie, thanks so much for your clear explanation of the steps and issues with your Nearpod activities.
    I am wondering, does it have to be a 'top' student to be in charge of the presentation?
    Also, do you see future scope for students to create the Nearpod presentation?

  4. I am looking into flipping my 2nd grade classroom next year - for math only and this has been such a great help! I'm trying to think about the logistics and how it would work and you've provided me much of what I've needed. I'm so excited about this potential! Yay!