Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeping it All Together with Edmodo

Our iPad pilot classrooms are using Edmodo as a tool to organize and support teaching and learning. In the 5th grade pilot classroom, students are expected to check Edmodo to find information about their assignments. Other days, they sign in to Edmodo to take a quiz, submit an assignment, or respond to discussion questions. Before our iPad carts arrived, the 5th graders spent a good amount of time working in Edmodo so they would be able to use it seamlessly once the iPads were in place. Since Edmodo has not only an app but also a web-based version, students were able to sign in on their classroom computers and in the computer lab. The web-based version is identical to the app, so students have no trouble moving between the two.

There are numerous reasons why Edmodo is a great fit for our iPad pilot classrooms and for other teachers who are wanting to integrate technology into their teaching and learning. Edmodo provides a way for students to interact with content, their teacher, and each other in a safe online environment. The Assignment feature allows teachers to easily track which students have submitted an assignment, give immediate feedback on student work, grade assignments, and share grades with students and parents. The Edmodo Library helps teachers organize just about any kind of learning resource (documents, links, images, videos) for students and parents to access. When students sign in to Edmodo, they can see if they have any notifications, which might alert them that they have an upcoming assignment, they have received a grade for an assignment, or they have a comment from the teacher. 

Why we love Edmodo:

5th grade teacher Brooke Simpson: "Edmodo provides a great place for me to put all my "stuff" in one place.  I love being able to set up groups for literature circle groups.  My students are really enjoying being able to reply to each other's thoughts.  I am excited to utilize more of the features of Edmodo.  It is also very motivating to the students, they love to check out the wall and see if anything new has been posted."  

5th grade student: "If you post something on the wall, I like how they can respond and encourage your thinking."

5th grade student: "I like being able to make different groups for books and stuff."

5th grade student: "I like being able to take tests on Edmodo."

I've posted several images below so you can see how our 5th grade pilot teacher and students are using Edmodo. We would love for you to leave comments about ways you're using Edmodo. 

Student notifications


 Assignment Instructions

Discussion Question

Student Response


Progress Monitoring

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