Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easing In

Now that we're back from Thanksgiving break, our iPad pilot classrooms have really hit the ground running. Our students have used the iPads in so many different ways already:

  • Word web in Popplet
  • Word sort in iBrainstorm
  • Responding to discussion questions in Edmodo
  • Solving algebraic equations using Magnetic Alphabet
  • Journal entries in Pages
  • Recorded a video of how to find the least common multiple using Screen Chomp
  • Recorded and edited video of themselves in iMovie
  • Reading quizzes in Socrative
Our iPad pilot teachers are using the iPads continuously as a teaching, learning, and assessment tool. I love how easy it has been to share a student's work by simply hooking his/her iPad up to the projector. Our teachers are using tools like Edmodo, Socrative, and Screen Chomp to assess students' understanding. This on-the-go assessment feeds back into instruction effortlessly because the iPads contain both the instructional content and evidence of learning in one place. Next week our 5th grade pilot teacher is going to be setting up digital portfolios where her students will upload, reflect on, and share their work.

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