Monday, January 23, 2012

Somewhere out there!

Students are currently utilizing the features and apps on the IPAD to explore the workings of the solar system. Students have started learning about the phases of the moon and the impact the moon has on the Earth. Students are enjoying the personal feel and ability to study the moon up close in the comfort of the classroom. Students have been able to track the moon as well as look up what phase the moon was in the day they were born. Students have also set-up visual displays of both solar and lunar eclipses through the Moon Globe app.

In addition to studying the moon, students are exploring the Apollo program and the contributions NASA has given to mankind. Students are using the QR code app. to participate in a scavenger hunt that allows them to explore and discover new facts about the program in a way that is engaging and hands on.

As a science teacher, I am enjoying the excitement that is expressed by students when they are able to see objects, like the moon, close up in details. The solar system has always captivated peoples interest and the IPADs are continuing that tradition in a creative and personal way.

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